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Attention: President Donald J. Trump

The White House

1600 Pennsylvania Ave NW

Washington D.C 20500,

Mr. President,

I’m writing to you because 45 is a very powerful number. As the 45th President, of the United States of America, your Presidential legacy has been formed this past week (week of May 25th, 2020) by two entirely contrasting headlines; we’ve returned astronauts to space for the first time “in a decade,” the same week an unarmed black American, George Floyd, of Minneapolis, Minnesota, is murdered on camera at the hands of the Minneapolis Police —  with no probable cause, which shocking viral evidence has captured the emotions of most if not all American’s. Since, there have been riots across all major cities across the country, where excessive force has been used against civilians who are peacefully protesting, and agitators/anarchists/looters are seizing the moment to cause as much chaos and destruction as humanly possible in gross exploitation of justified pain. This needs to stop immediately —  if we are to save our great nation. Regardless of their race, we have seen the rise of the worst kind of Americans, who prefer anarchy and destruction over law and order.

Why are so many young Americans triggered and mobilized in a way that defies authority and declares an antithesis to peace, law, and order? It’s because Americans are tired of the engrained oppression that targets, gaslights, and infuriates the most vulnerable. Most specifically, the American’s you appear to most often overlook: The marginalized, the mighty and many “minorities,” and our black communities: our underserved. And to most, you are to blame. You are the scapegoat. You are the fall guy.

The world is watching you for your response and you are currently failing us. But I’m not hopeless. I want to hear you address the nation and its people. We need to hear from you with leadership and compassion. Our country has vowed to vote you out because it’s clear your loyalties aren’t with us, the people. You owe us that change. We need your Presidential leadership and domination for advocacy in nationwide reform. We need to examine the fundamental inequalities within our justice system that unfairly target minorities and people of color. We need to mandate implicit bias training in all forms of law enforcement. And most of all, we need real leadership. As a 27-year-old, identified indigenous-black-American, I am constantly in fear of being silenced and smothered the way George Floyd was at the hands of law enforcement and authority figures. I need to see diversity in your cabinet, more leaders from our communities, and accountability for unjust killings of unarmed black Americans. Be the change you would like to see in the world, and imagine if you were us. Perhaps holding up a mirror will allow you to see the true magnitude and power you possess due to your incredible amount of privilege, and hopefully given your authoritarian positioning, you will realize that you have the power to change for the better. I want to believe in you. I’m tired of it being “cool” to bash the President and speak ill of you. It’s corny, embarrassing, and played out. It triggers people to become anti-authoritarian and breeds the grounds for this anarchy. You must acknowledge the far-right, white supremacists who voted you in and call them out for stirring up violence and agitating the most vulnerable communities. We need your accountability. Here is a list of proposed solutions:

  • Review qualified immunity loopholes at a federal level.

  • Review and change statewide legislation that conceals and protects the criminal records of those within law enforcement: in New York State, section 50-A.

  • Implement implicit bias training for law enforcement at a federal level.

  • Create government-backed programs for safe spaces to have constructive conversations and positive discourse for our local urban communities.

  • Reconstructing the country via new viable industries in healing & healthcare.

  • Legalizing medical marijuana for recreational use due to the immense level of PTSD caused by the riots, looting, and the ongoing pandemic.

  • Hold (homegrown terrorist) supremacist groups, anarchists, agitators accountable, regardless if they are members of law enforcement, local government, and federal government; this may include MAGA, Antifa, KKK, and other extremist groups that may be overlooked due to political affiliations.

A popular phrase that’s being sprayed painted on rooftops in New York City has been “This is not about you, Donald” and those sentiments echo the ability to abuse authority for personal incentive. This is an opportunity for you to curb a legacy that echoes just this. Let’s make this about the United States of America and it’s a deep need for healing. With the pandemic, we’ve been able to upgrade our medical fields and provide a genuine appreciation for our essential workers, again, another marginalized group that is overlooked. The need for change now has the ability to be implemented. Let’s continue to reform for the betterment of our great nation. Let’s create a country that yours and my ancestors and future children can both be proud of.

All the best,

Marlon L. Williams, Jr.

d/b/a/ Jazz Under the Bridge

Brooklyn, New York

Written in Rochester, New York 6/2/2020

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