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Jessie Ware visits Williamsburg, Spring 2018

"Marlon here: so the most incredible thing happened on Sunday at the Wythe Hotel. Nike hosted a "Nike Air Society" meeting and behold, Jessie Ware arrives while curiously strolling the North Williamsburg enclaves. So I basically spot out Jessie Ware on the sidewalk and manically introduced her to the event coordinator (I mean, she's one of my favorite vocalists in the world!) any way, she was super nice and invited me to her sold out show at Brooklyn Steel the following Tuesday (5/8/18) and blessed me with photo passes + VIP bands (Thank you Alexandra!). Of course, I introduced myself as a songwriter first so I greatly look forward to sharing (our JUTB) sound with her one day (ya'lls better get ready!) What an honor! And an INCREDIBLE performance by the mighty UK's own, the ICONIC, Jessie Ware. 

Purchase/Stream her latest, "Glasshouse" here."

- MW, Williamsburg, Brooklyn

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