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Jazz Under the Bridge is a branded music-based experience, connected by the iconography of New York City’s captivating bridge network. Covering a host of local, coastal neighborhoods with iconic bridges as backdrops for culture, Jazz Under the Bridge forms as a live radio mix show, recording imprint, promotional team*, and brand of producers, artists & resident DJs. We are currently based in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

Incorporated in the county of Kings, New York, Jazz Under the Bridge began through appreciation & preservation of live, improvisational-based music within a digital age. Inspired within the halls of the Williamsburg Music Center, along with the flows of Poetic Thrust Wednesdays at Loosie Rouge, Jazz Under the Bridge focuses on examining and cultivating a new-age, jazz-oriented hip-hop scene within New York City, as a fully immersive live music tradition; We form to support & refine established local talent with traditional and untraditional venue spaces, whom advocate rights and support for musicians, DJ's (we love you the most) and music lovers alike. The premise stems from our community's deep appreciation for Jazz music and its quality of being fundamentally American made with worldwide cultural influence.

*Edit: As of April 2020, Jazz Under the Bridge has pivoted its core business strategy towards recording label services and livestream production due to COVID-19 regulations and social distancing guidelines affecting our live events industry. We are actively monitoring return dates with our partners.

Jazz Under the Bridge is founded and produced by Marlon 'MWill' Williams, Jr. for Jazz Under the Bridge/ & is a family supported business © 2016, 2024+

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